Edward Morris


In 2010, Edward Morris became a full time artist.  Prior to that, working part-time, his work has been accepted and/or awarded into national and regional shows.  Over the past 8 years, his art appears in many private, and corporate collections throughout the United States.  His awards include Best Landscape Award in the 2011 Appalachian Pastel Society Juried Member Exhibition and First Place in the Art Council of Henderson County, NC, “Bring Us Your Best”.  He has been juried into many national and regional shows and participated in juried national plein air painting events.  He is a member of the Arts Council of Henderson County, Asheville Urban Landscape Painters and a signature member of the Western North Carolina Plein Air Painters.  He teaches workshops, and is a frequent guest speaker for art groups in the eastern and southern United States demonstrating his art making techniques.

Artist Statement

Virtually all members of the Hudson River School understood the sublime in nature as a manifestation of the power of God.  When I paint nature, I ask myself, “Do I feel the presence of something larger than myself?  Something transcendent?  Can I share my experience with someone else? 

In my painting, I try to convey the concept of the sublime, especially the sense of insignificance of humankind in relation to the awesome infinity and power of nature.  I humbly try to have my paintings be alive with tactile brushwork and atmospheric lighting that seems to breathe.

When I think of my art and artwork, I am reminded by Eyvind Earle who said, “For me art has been an everlasting struggle, a never ending search for the unreachable, no sooner do I accomplish what I set out to create, than I am dissatisfied, and I must start out all over again.